The news broke as we were LIVE on the radio Monday morning. NBC News is reporting new details on the China spy balloon that hovered over Montana.

You may recall when the spy balloon was first spotted over Montana, locals on the ground were adamant: shoot it down, shoot it down now. That's what Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-MT) said very early on. Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) echoed that sentiment during a Fox News appearance, adding that if he had the authority and the airpower as governor- he would have done just that.

At the time, the Biden Administration said that they didn't want to shoot the spy balloon down over a populated area like Montana. (So why didn't they shoot it down before it ever got to Montana?) They also claimed that they had the ability to jam communications and block the Communist Chinese from gathering intel off of Americans. All this, as the spy balloon had been hovering over our nuclear missile silos here in Montana.

Now, NBC News is reporting that the Chinese spy balloon WAS able to gather information from sensitive US military sites, "despite efforts to block it." On their official Twitter page, NBC News added that "China was able to control the balloon so it could make multiple passes over some of the sites (at times flying figure eight formations) and transmit the information it collected back to Beijing in real time."

John Jackson is a retired federal law enforcement officer known as "The Joker" on Twitter. He was with us as the news broke earlier Monday morning.

John Jackson: They've now had to come out and admit that the spy balloon as it went across the United States got information, classified information, from our military bases. Now, if you remember, Aaron, that's what the Biden regime said over and over and over again as they allowed that thing to traverse the entire United States- they said they had blocked it, jammed it's signals so it couldn't gather that information. Well, they were lying as usual.

Here's the story from NBC News via Twitter:


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