With the Summer Games coming soon to Paris, I heard recently that break dancing will debut as an Olympic event.


Okay, it is physically demanding.  Granted, like the gymnastic floor routine and figure skating, it has technique and a certain fast-moving grace.  But really, an Olympic event??

According to a Today Show article in February, the idea from the Olympic organizers is to appeal to a younger demographic with the activities they like.  Another debut event will be kayak cross over whitewater, with competitors racing each other.

Again, is this a sport?  I can't really argue against it because the rebuttal would just be "Slalom skiing."  Point taken.

Had me wondering what new events debuted in the last Olympics.  2021 in Tokyo saw sport (rock) climbing, skateboarding and surfing.  Yep, the younger generations are the target audience.

skateboarding at sunrise skatepark
Credit: lzf, Getty Images, TSM Media Center

Karate has been Removed

The martial art was only in the Tokyo Olympics, then taken out.  Why is unknown.  Here's the question: if Karate is excluded, then why keep Judo, Taekwondo, Fencing, Archery or Wrestling?  Or Boxing and Shooting for that matter?

The full schedule is linked at Olympic.com.  The track and field events are all lumped together into "Athletics."  Some of this just begs ridicule.  Badminton??  A pentathlon that includes running and shooting laser pistols??

Guess I just have to remember these are the modern Olympics.

I just realized my line in the sand.  When video games become Olympic events, I will give up watching.  They will officially have gone too far.

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