The company I work for, Townsquare Media, wants a profile of contributors to the websites.  Way I see it, if they want that, you should see it too, right?  Ready or not, here I come...

Who is your target demo? (Gender? Age range?)

Ladies and Gentlemen, ages 15 and up, with an active intellect and a sense of humor.

Professional Summary (give us a summary on your radio experience)

Been about 15 years in Billings radio as a studio producer, aka board operator.  Handled live remotes, prepped national commercials and shows for local broadcast.  For the last six years, I have been the Producer for Montana Talks with Aaron Flint.  I describe the current position this way: "Remember the sitcom Frasier?  Well, I'm Roz."

Personal Social Handles

I'm actually not on social media.  Don't have the time for it.  Readers are welcome to respond to my articles through the station website.

Favorite Thing about being a Producer, Contributor?

As a live radio producer, I warmly welcome new callers and guests. I roll out the audio red carpet for them. As a contributor, I relish the thinking on a topic, the mental exercise on an issue or a line of reasoning. I enjoy the momentum in writing, when one word leads to another, a sentence leads to the next, one points leads to the next.

The selfies are a fun touch to the articles.

What do you like best about your market?

Billings has all the big city amenities with a smaller town feel.  There are concerts and sports, a variety of dining and stores.  There are also quiet neighborhoods and lots of trees and parks nearby.

How did you get into radio?

Funny thing, I just walked into the stations one day and inquired how radio worked. The general manager showed me a studio with a board and the computer display, with all the recorded audio in digital form, playing the songs and commercials on its own. I said I was a little interested in working in radio, so I filled out an application. Days later I received a call wanting to hire me.

Hmm...Now that I think about it, maybe they were desperately needing someone... anyone.

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

To Be Continued...

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