We have mixed opinions on AI software. Experts in the field keep predicting it will take many of our jobs, or at minimum, alter the way many of us work. According to a piece by Nexford University, artificial intelligence (AI) could replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs worldwide by 2030, based on a report by investment bank Goldman Sachs.

a circle of sitting dogs with a food bowl
Dogs. Credit Canva

Dogs are as unique as people.

One thing we have enjoyed about AI is that it's great at making interesting (sometimes disturbing) images, based on whatever the user prompts the software to create. The folks at the PetLab Co recently tasked AI to create a dog species for each state in the US.

The project produced 50 AI-generated images, each portraying a dog representing a specific state. The design of each image was "inspired by the state's history, culture, geography, and wildlife."

Who's a good boy? Credit Canva
Who's a good boy? Credit Canva

Some of the fictional dog species for each state are silly.

Alabama's AI dog is comically muscle-bound. Some of the dogs have rainbow-colored hair or are wearing silly hats that help represent their respective states. Idaho's AI dog is perhaps the most bizarre of all fifty states, while others have AI dogs that closely resemble existing dog breeds. See them all, HERE.

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