The Out of the Darkness (OOTD) suicide prevention group spent April in training, and they will be roaring back to public events in May.  My earlier article reported on the stats and the first dining out events.  Three more restaurants and an art business have risen to the care to donate a portion to save lives.

Included are .pdf files of the flyers for each event.  Please print or download onto your smart device to bring with you.

May 1st: Red Robin, 1595 Grand Avenue, Suite 210

Starting at 11:00 in the morning for the lunch crowd and going through the date night to 9:00.  Red Robin will donate 20% of the fare to OOTD.  This special offer includes online orders for pick-up.

attachment-2024 Red Robin

May 4th, 1:00: Bitterroot Sip and Paint, 1238 Central Avenue

This creative event requires a registration.  Please call 406-318-9681 to sign up and for details.

May 13th, Texas Roadhouse, 1824 King Avenue West

This is a dinnertime fundraising event from 4:00 in the afternoon to nine in the evening.  They will give 10% of the total food purchase.

attachment-Texas Roadhouse 2024

May 23rd, Pizza Ranch on the West End, 2505 King Avenue West

The great buffet event starts at 5:00 in evening until 9:00.  Pizza Ranch will donate 20% of the dinner tab to OOTD.  Plus, volunteers will bus the tables for tips, so you are invited to contribute as much as you can to keep another living.

attachment-W-PIZZA RANCH WESTEND 5-23-2024

Important Reminder of What to Say

When ordering, please specify that you are there to support Out of the Darkness to prevent suicide.  That message sets the giving into motion.

Thanks Much to everyone who came to previous OOTD events, and maybe I'll see you at these soon.

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