Did you find an R/C airplane in your yard?

A Billings kid recently received a remote-controlled airplane for his birthday. Excitedly, they went to Amend Park on Sunday (11/19) for its maiden flight. Everything went great for a few moments until the plane flew out of range. Unable to control the small craft, the plane continued to "auto-fly" and soon disappeared from view.

Amend Park, Billings. Credit Google Maps
Amend Park, Billings. Credit Google Maps

It was last seen flying north along Foote St.

According to the child's mom, the plane could have landed anywhere north of Amend Park, perhaps near the Muzzleloader or surrounding areas of businesses. It may have traveled as far north as Central Ave or even Grand Ave before running out of power.

The remote control airplane looks exactly like the one seen in the photo, a Horizon Apprentice model. Its wingspan is nearly four feet, so it should be easy to spot if it landed at your home or business.

His plane is exactly like this one. Credit Horizon Hobby
His plane looks like this one. Credit Horizon Hobby

The kid is devastated.

In the Facebook post about the missing plane, the mom said her son is quite sad about losing his new aircraft. I can imagine. When I was a child, I wanted a R/C airplane so badly. My parents couldn't justify spending the money on what they surely assumed was just another one of my rapidly changing interests. So, no RC plane for me.

I still think it would be awesome to have one, although if it came down to it, I'd probably get a drone instead. Occasionally I'll stop by the Billings RC club's little airstrip on the far west end to watch the hobbyists fly their remote-controlled helicopters, airplanes, and jet-powered aircraft. It seems like a fun hobby. We hope whoever finds this kid's airplane comes forward. Even if the plane is damaged from a crash landing, I'm sure he'd love to get it back. For contact info, check out their Facebook post HERE.

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