I'll ALWAYS support our local community non-profits. As you should, too! So when I saw this announcement from Billings Family Service... my smile got quite wide today.

Family Service Delivery Initiative

Officially started this spring, Billings Family Service has teamed up with the Montana Food Bank Network to deploy their fleet of trucks across our Montana roads, delivering food to a whole host of community food banks and pantries across Montana.

What communities will benefit?

So far, Billings Family Service has worked closely with many of our hunger-fighting agencies in Montana. Such as...

  • The Joliet Food Pantry
  • Bridger Community Food Bank
  • The Red Lodge Senior and Community Center
  • Project Hope of Stillwater County
  • The Custer County Food Bank
    • Hey! I know that one. Without them, there were times we wouldn't have had food on the table growing up. Thank you for that.
  • The Dawson County Food Bank
  • Community Hope in Laurel
  • The Big Timber Community Food Bank
  • and the Absarokee Area Food Bank

Plus, Billings Family Service is excited to be delivering to Rosebud County next week... having already delivered food to Carbon, Custer, Dawson, Stillwater and Sweetgrass counties.

How YOU Can Help!

If you want to donate to a local non-profit and want to rest assured that your donations are going toward exactly what you think... feeding those who need it... Billings Family Service is the one for you.

Click the button below, and you can help our fellow Montanans... so nobody goes hungry.

And, hey. This kid turned out alright... and his family made sure to donate to the Custer County Food Bank for years afterward.

Credit: Josh Rath, TSM
Credit: Josh Rath, TSM

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